As a child, Diane often sat in the arms of an old sheoak, high above the ground, dreaming up stories. She also loved to lie on the top of hedges.


Diane was also an avid reader.

It’s not surprising, then, that she completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Australian Literature at the University of Melbourne in 1990, and later a PhD at the University of Tasmania.

From August 2011 to July 2013, through the Café Poet program (run by Poetry Australia), Diane was the resident poet at ‘Chado – The Way of Tea’ which was run in Hobart by Dr Varuni Kulasekera (scientist, academic, mindfulness expert, public and population health consultant, and business woman) and her husband, Brian Ritchie (curator of the MONA FOMA art and music festival, bass player with the Violent Femmes, and musician with numerous other bands around the globe).

Diane’s poetry explores a range of themes. It is often informed by playful aspects of her doctoral thesis on Patrick White and Sidney Nolan, which is now sitting happily on the shelves of the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) Library, near Hobart in Tasmania.

Diane also writes books on workplace bullying, and a range of fiction for children and teenagers. Her other websites are: overthere.com.au and courageandempathy.com. 

In 2006, Diane moved to live in an old sandstone church with her husband, Sid, and their children, Elsie and Fischer. The church really does have a Wishing Chair in it, and the story of The Time Pirate was inspired one day when Diane was sitting in the Wishing Chair, making wishes.

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