Interesting things …

There are so many interesting things to know … about the world … about the universe … about The Time Virus and about The Time Wizard.

So, I’ll just add those interesting things here, as I find them.

Jeremiah and Jerry, the bullfrogs

Jeremiah and Jerry the bullfrogs appear in the Time Wizard series. They are based on Indian Bullfrogs. You can see a real Indian Bullfrog here. The vocal sac seems to be divided into three parts and is quite extraordinary!

This is a wonderful song which I’ve loved since I was a teenager. Before I launched The Time Virus, I wrote to Glenn Wheatley, one of the Master’s Apprentices and asked for permission to have one of my friends, Dewayne Everettsmith play the song at the launch of The Time Virus. Dewayne did an amazing job.

If you’d like to see where Jeremiah and Jerry appear in The Time Wizard, I’ll let you know once I’ve finished it.

There’s also a song about Jeremiah being a bull frog … It’s by Three Dog Night.

See the Official Three Dog Night page here: and please consider buying Joy to the World and other Three Dog Night music here:

Cicadas and their ‘Wall of Sound’

The Marescimar series often talks about a ‘wall of sound’ coming from insects, especially cicadas. Depending on where you live, you may not know the sound of cicadas. So, please click on the link below to hear the ‘wall of sound’ they make by clicking their legs together very quickly.