The Time Virus is a fantasy adventure book. It’s about Ben and Skye who go on the adventure of a lifetime to save Skye from the terrible menace of the Time Virus which has been attacking her family. (It was also called The Time Pirate, but has now changed its title back to The Time Virus.)

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One of the the book’s reviewers, Michael, aged 13, says, ‘the book is packed with fun, humour, magic, sadness and just plain enjoyment from cover to cover. The characters have a real sense of personality to them and are a joy to follow through this enchanting story. if you enjoy reading, this book is a must-buy for you! 10/10.’

Madeleine, aged 8, says, ‘When I read the first sentence I knew something thrilling was going to happen. It’s full of friendship and kindness. It’s for everyone In the world, no matter who you are. It’s full of good and evil. It’s a really good bedtime story. … I think Diane Caney is a really talented author. Five stars.’

And, Miles, aged 7, says, ‘Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.’

And Jayne, aged ‘well over 18’ writes, ‘I LOVED this book!! It was just what I needed – an escape from reality into the wild and wonderful world of the Islands of Time, the huge clouds of knowing, the kindness of a pink flamingo called Darling, and a wild and wonderful female PIRATE (whose name I’ll keep to myself so as not to spoil the story)!! If you loved Harry Potter, you’ll REALLY LIKE THIS.’

The Time Plague is essentially the same story as The Time Virus but it’s been streamlined.

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The Time Virus will soon be available via Amazon and audiobook.


Cover of The Time Virus

If you’re in Hobart, you can also purchase directly from Diane who has some in stock. Please contact her via the contact page on this website.