The Long Dedication and All the Thanks

Thanks very much to Duncan Giblin for allowing me to use his image ‘Sole’ (a sheoak from Norfolk Bay) as the feature cover image for this page. Duncan’s works are masterpieces and I feel very privileged to know him. Find more here:

And also to Lily Coulombe, who has her own thank you page because I love her illustrations so much.

Also, you’ll note that I make special mention of Bumble in the dedication below. Bumble lives in Tasmania and is an amazing magician who creates teddy bears which aim to turn sadness upside down. I feel so honoured to know him and his family. If you’d like to support Bumble’s work, his Go Fund Me campaign is here.

To read the dedication from the book and all the thanks, click here. Most of all, I have to thank Sid, without whom nothing I ever do would happen. He supports me through everything, and I love him dearly.


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