The Wonderful Lily Coulombe

As you know, I’ve been writing a fantasy novel for children for ages … and I wanted a cover image which depicted my characters on the front page near a church which sat on the edge of a cliff by the sea. So that the image would not have any copyright issues, I knew I needed an illustrator, but I thought if I could find an image of a cliff by the sea, I could photoshop a photograph of a church onto it, with some children and then send it to an illustrator … but I wasn’t sure who that illustrator would be.

Googling ‘drawing of cliff by the sea’ led me to Lily Coulombe … and this image, which is still one of the first images you come to if you put in that google search.


I found Lily here on this link and I was hooked!

When I received Lily’s first draft of the cover, I could not believe how much like my imagination her drawing was.


And, from there, began an amazing partnership. Lily has done so many amazing drawings and paintings for me. I hope if I win the competition so many more people will get to see her work!


Lily, you are amazing, and I hope your career as an artist really takes off!!

To see Lily’s work, follow this link:

Please note that copyright for all images is owned by Lily Coulombe, but that I have her permission to use the images on all printed, online and manufactured materials associated with my writing and this website.