Peter, Paul and Mary

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Puff the Dragon appeared in The Time Virus, and of course he had to live on an island called Honah Lee. This song was one of my childhood favourites, so even before Skye knows Puff’s real name, it’s the song she sings to try and tame the dragon she finds floating on a lake of Noesis.

If you’d like to see where the song appears in the book, see below for an excerpt from Chapter 21 – The Noesis and the Golden Dragon

With my eyes on the dragon, I tipped my board forward and glided slowly towards it. As I got closer, I could hear its thoughts.

‘I mustn’t stay too long,’ it was thinking. ‘They’ll find me and take my treasure. I must be careful – very careful. But I love lying here – pretending to be a crocodile.’

I wasn’t sure if anyone else could hear the dragon.

‘I want to stay here,’ it went on. ‘And improve my shining tail, and pour some water from … oh, I forget … on every golden scale.’

The words were familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember where I’d heard them.

‘Filth might come,’ said the Dragon. ‘Filthy humans or dirty angels. Must. Stay. Awake. Must.’

We’d all sung the Spice Girls song to tame the serpent in ThunderLand. I wondered if the dragon could be enchanted by music. A song popped into my mind – something my grandfather used to sing to me ,when I was small.

I started to sing it, very softly, like a lullaby.

‘Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea …’

The dragon sighed deeply in its sleep.

I continued, ‘And frolicked in the autumn mist, in a land called Honah Lee.’

The dragon shifted its back legs.

I stopped singing and looked at the others who were waiting a little distance back, hovering on their boards. They looked anxious, but for some strange reason, I felt calm.

I continued to sing.

‘Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff. And brought him strings and sealing wax … and other fancy stuff.’

The dragon opened one eye and stared at me. I could hear its inner voice again.

‘Human! Must be invisible, must be invisible!’

I kept singing quietly, ‘Oh-oh, Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea …’

Puff, I thought. Good name.

The dragon carefully stood up, water streaming from its body. He was only about two feet taller than me, but he was still an imposing figure. I tried very hard not to feel afraid as I moved my board back a little. From somewhere in my brain, the idea to shape-shift came to me. As I took on the shape of a dragon, I felt very strange. I was smaller than the dragon I was calling Puff, but the same colour – gold. The lake was quite shallow and I stood beside Puff, quietly staring at him.

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