‘Purple Rain’ by Prince

See Rolling Stone on Prince here: and please consider buying ‘Purple Rain’ and other Prince music here:

Purple Rain starts at about 4:40 on this video.

Prince. What an amazing performer. I was so blessed to see him play for two and a half hours at the Kent Hop Farm Festival in 2011 with my daughter. It was incredible, and Purple Rain was spectacular with purple confetti being launched into the crowd with big wind machines.

Prince sadly left this earth when I was finalising The TIme Virus, so I felt I had to draw this song into the text because I already had the indigo sea … so it was only a hop, skip and a jump to have Purple Rain.

If you’d like to see where the song appears in the book, see below for an excerpt from  Chapter 7 – Marescimar

‘Can we go for a swim when we get there?’ asked Ben.

‘Of course,’ said Blizzard. ‘It’s great surfing the Noesis, but there’s nothing like being in the real ocean and getting wet. Plus, our ocean is indigo, as you can see.’

‘My dad specialises in indigo dyes,’ said Frank. ‘And, indigo ink.’

‘Hmmm,’ said Blizzard. ‘I know.’

‘Do you know him?’ asked Frank.

‘I might,’ said Blizzard with a mysterious smile.

Frank laughed, looking pleased.

‘Does the sea stain your skin?’ asked Minnow. ‘When you swim in it.’

‘What do you think?’ asked Blizzard.

Minnow blushed.


Blizzard grinned.

‘Do you get blue in the sea at home?’

Minnow shook her head.

‘It would be fun if you did, though,’ she said, with a smile.

‘Haha!’ said Blizzard. ‘For sure … and sometimes, when the sunlight is just right, and the Noesis mixes with the ordinary clouds, we get the most wonderful purple rain – it’s lighter than the indigo of the sea … and so beautiful.’

‘Wow,’ said Minnow. ‘There’s a song about purple rain – my mother loves it.’

‘Ah,’ said Blizzard. ‘I’ve not heard of it, but when Marescimar has purple rain, people can’t seem to stop laughing … and there are outbreaks of the most spectacular luck … it’s very good.’