The Violent Femmes

‘Blister in the Sun’ by the Violent Femmes – see the Official Femmes page here: and please consider buying Blister in the Sun and other Femmes music here:

This is my favourite dance song of all time. When she was in her teens, my daughter, Elsie, would come home late and night and ask me to get up and dance with her to this song. We lived in an old church so it was fun, and I don’t think I ever refused to get up and dance with her. I’d seen the Violent Femmes at the Palais in St Kilda a few months before my daughter was born, so maybe that was why she loved the song so much.

Anyway, you can imagine my happiness when Brian Ritchie of the Femmes moved to my island home, and later invited me to be the resident poet in the tea shop run by Brian and his wife, Dr Varuni Kulasekera. I had so much fun there.

It was only right that the song was played by a band in The Time Virus, on a beach, at a birthday eve party.

See below for an excerpt from Chapter 30.1 – The Birthday Eve Party

Minnow and I jumped onto the stage and hugged Decker.

‘This is going to be a killer party!’ said Minnow.

Decker laughed, and started playing ‘Blister in the Sun’.

All along the beach, everyone started dancing.

‘Blizzter in the Sun!’ shouted Jax, as she danced by with Blizzard.

Escher and Solo were wildly dancing with Seven and Jem, and Stella ran over to grab me. Frank, Ben and Minnow formed a trio and we all cavorted down the beach and into the water. It was so warm that before too long we were all doing a wild splashing dance. Some merpeople joined in, jiving all around us.

‘Franksterians!’ said Minnow, diving into the water and jumping back up to dance again.

‘Best song ever!’ called Stella.

‘Best song ever!’ screeched Jeremiah, flying high above us.

Frank and Ben dived in with the merpeople.

‘Come on!’ yelled Frank. ‘Let’s dance!’

More and more songs boomed along the beach and out across the water. Dolphins were leaping, and a large whale spurted purple water all over everyone on the floating platforms. Some of the dolphins sped right up to me, inviting me to swim with them. I had the most perfect time, diving and leaping. It was as if I’d morphed into a dolphin, but as far as I could tell, I was still human.