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This is a fantasy adventure book. This book is about Ben and Skye who go on an adventure of a lifetime to save millions of people’s lives from destruction, disaster and depression. My favourite part was when they went surfing on the Noesis Clouds. Surfing on the clouds and imagining things to life is just so cool. My favourite character in the story is Blizzard because he is cool, calm and he is a Time Wizard! I also like Darling because she can make epically amazing food. I think my friends and even my teacher would love this book because they are all adventurous and this book is full of adventures. It is also about bullying. I felt really excited reading this book.

Liam, Snug, Tasmania, Age 10

A magical book full of wonder. being able to read and edit this book was a pleasure, and im sure many people will enjoy it now it is released. the book is packed with fun, humour, magic, sadness and just plain enjoyment from cover to cover. the characters have a real sense of personality to them and are a joy to follow through this enchanting story. if you enjoy reading, this book is a must-buy for you! 10/10

Michael, Carlton Beach, Tasmania, Age 13

This book is full of magic and fantasy. When I read the first sentence I knew something thrilling was going to happen. It’s full of friendship and kindness. It’s for everyone In the world, no matter who you are. It’s full of good and evil. It’s a really good bedtime story. I think the lessons for the baddies are don’t bully and don’t be mean. I think Diane Caney is a really talented author. Five stars.

Madeleine, Paris, France, Age 8

If I can say one thing to start off with this review, I would say amazing. Myself being a creative book creator and enthusiast and also a video game coder, this book incorporates everything that I love! From video game ideas coming to life and a devious high school teacher that has become a true evil enemy, in this book we embark on a journey to learn magic, ride brain clouds, take down villains, escape realms apart from earth and more amazing adventures. I love the general idea and the thrill of the adventure that the kids go on and one of the amazing things about the entire book itself is that you never know what is going to come from behind the corner.

I let a couple of my friends read a little bit of the book and we all loved it. We have a little group of friends at my school which love coding and creating video games and in this book there are some protagonists that do that! That being said although the book was awesome and I loved almost everything about it, I believe there are still a few downfalls on which one of them I believe is at the beginning I think it drags on for a bit too long and you are just turning pages hoping them to have some action on them and that’s what I found myself doing. But I almost felt as if that was good at some stages as it led us with a backstory of the characters and really gave me a feeling that they were the characters that actually wrote the book. At one instance in the first couple of pages Minnow exclaims that she will write a book on what has happened in their lives and says on the front cover there will be a picture of Skye with her wings out on which there is. So from this I really get the feeling that they are the characters writing the book.

With the chapters that started in the minus section and slowly grew to become into the positive section I really liked and enjoyed how that panned out because it is very unique and brings a new style of typing/writing to the book writing club! That being said like I pointed out in the above paragraph, I feel like the beginning part was dragging on for a bit too long and how the chapters were shaped in my opinion wasn’t helping that.

To end off this book review, I think it is an amazing book and I believe it will become a well-known and famous book in the future. If you could keep me updated with when you are publishing a lot of them and selling them to the public I am going to get my school to get it into our library so that it can be shared around more and more and hopefully lots and lots of people can read it! As an added bonus I noticed that you listed us in the thankyou page and for me, that really means a lot and I cant appreciate what you have done more. This was such a wonderful opportunity to read and give my opinion on your book and I will share its name around my school as much as possible.

Thankyou SOOOOOOOOO much!

Hugo, New York City, United States of America

[A note from Diane: Thank YOU so much, Hugo! I’m really thrilled that you liked the book so much. And, I did take on your point about the beginning of the book lagging a bit, so I’ve moved the chapters about Skye’s coma to further into the story (a bit after Chapter Zero). I’ll get a new copy of the book to you, and you can see how you INFLUENCED the makeup of the story. Good luck with your coding. I hope it goes really well for you!]

Hugo, New York City, USA, Aged 13


Thank you for The Time Virus

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Miles, Hobart, Tasmania, Age 7

I LOVED this book!!

It was just what I needed – an escape from reality into the wild and wonderful world of the Islands of Time, the huge clouds of knowing, the kindness of a pink flamingo called Darling, and a wild and wonderful female PIRATE (whose name I’ll keep to myself so as not to spoil the story)!!

If you loved Harry Potter, you’ll REALLY LIKE THIS.

Jayne, Aged well over 18

I thought that The Time Virus was amazing. I am the kind of person who likes science fiction but not too much that it overwhelms my brain.

The Time Virus was good to read and I loved how Minnow and Skye write in different inks and that Eyela had the nickname Eye of Moron. I thought it was a great nickname not to mention Cardinal Theeve. I think Filthy suits him very well.

I had a lot of thought on who was my favourite character and I came to the conclusion that by far Blizzard is my favourite.

The question that Frank asked at the start about the best chapter – I think the best one 26.6 because Puff wants to be nice but he doesn’t want anyone to think he is weak but he is one of the best characters in this book.

I thought this book was perfect – there were four friends and I loved Skye’s wings (as well as Seven’s and Jem’s). I loved the Dezzgûl – they were a new mythical creature and they are so disgusting but very interesting.

The flying fish was something that I thought held the story together. It was related with so many things in The Time Virus and it kept popping up out of nowhere.

So, overall this book is worth reading 100 times.

Heather, Hobart

The Time Virus (now The Time Pirate) is a very exciting and thrilling story.

I loved the concept of the splinters and how different characters narrate at different times through the book.

The game the children made was very interesting and the part where they are sucked into it is amazing!

The only bit I didn’t like was the ending, because, well it ended 😦

I hope there is a sequel!

Atticus, Reykjavik, Iceland, Age 10

Hey Diane

I have read most of The Time Virus now and I really don’t know how to put into words how brilliant it is but I’ll try 🙂

I think it should be given to anyone who has suffered trauma (which is most of us in one way or another).

It is just such a clever, complex but easy to read story. I think a lot of people could save a lot of time, money and energy on psychs if they could apply the messages in your plot.

By personifying emotions it gives such valuable insights into how people allow pain, fear, anger and revenge to overshadow their lives. And, even more importantly, how to acknowledge, feel and release the poison and get back the time that is stolen when one replays or dwells on all the negative things from the past.

I must also say that the book doesn’t in anyway feel like a lesson or that it has any ulterior motive other than to tell a beautiful, magical tale.

I can’t wait to finish it.

Thank you

A mother who borrowed the book from her child, Tasmania

This book was amazing – I couldn’t put it down!
At the beginning when I found out that Skye and Ben’s parents had both died in separate crashes it made me think, what are the changes of this happening? And so I began to ponder throughout the book until it was all explained in the ending.
I love how Caney has created the Time Game which is played by the Time Wizards and when the Time Virus is introduced into the story it leaves you on edge.
The ending was definitely my favourite part of the book. In particular, when Skye and Ben get to see some of their future.
The way Caney has ended the story leaves you to wonder if there will be a sequel. This by far the best book I have ever read.
Thank you, Diane Caney

Note to Luke from Diane – Thank you Luke! What a lovely review!! I had to amend it a little bit so that it didn’t have a spoiler in it!! (My favourite part is the ending too!!) I’m so glad that you liked it.

Luke, Lancashire UK

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