Heather, Hobart

I thought that The Time Virus was amazing. I am the kind of person who likes science fiction but not too much that it overwhelms my brain.

The Time Virus was good to read and I loved how Minnow and Skye write in different inks and that Eyela had the nickname Eye of Moron. I thought it was a great nickname not to mention Cardinal Theeve. I think Filthy suits him very well.

I had a lot of thought on who was my favourite character and I came to the conclusion that by far Blizzard is my favourite.

The question that Frank asked at the start about the best chapter – I think the best one 26.6 because Puff wants to be nice but he doesn’t want anyone to think he is weak but he is one of the best characters in this book.

I thought this book was perfect – there were four friends and I loved Skye’s wings (as well as Seven’s and Jem’s). I loved the Dezzgûl – they were a new mythical creature and they are so disgusting but very interesting.

The flying fish was something that I thought held the story together. It was related with so many things in The Time Virus and it kept popping up out of nowhere.

So, overall this book is worth reading 100 times.