Hugo, New York City, USA, Aged 13

If I can say one thing to start off with this review, I would say amazing. Myself being a creative book creator and enthusiast and also a video game coder, this book incorporates everything that I love! From video game ideas coming to life and a devious high school teacher that has become a true evil enemy, in this book we embark on a journey to learn magic, ride brain clouds, take down villains, escape realms apart from earth and more amazing adventures. I love the general idea and the thrill of the adventure that the kids go on and one of the amazing things about the entire book itself is that you never know what is going to come from behind the corner.

I let a couple of my friends read a little bit of the book and we all loved it. We have a little group of friends at my school which love coding and creating video games and in this book there are some protagonists that do that! That being said although the book was awesome and I loved almost everything about it, I believe there are still a few downfalls on which one of them I believe is at the beginning I think it drags on for a bit too long and you are just turning pages hoping them to have some action on them and that’s what I found myself doing. But I almost felt as if that was good at some stages as it led us with a backstory of the characters and really gave me a feeling that they were the characters that actually wrote the book. At one instance in the first couple of pages Minnow exclaims that she will write a book on what has happened in their lives and says on the front cover there will be a picture of Skye with her wings out on which there is. So from this I really get the feeling that they are the characters writing the book.

With the chapters that started in the minus section and slowly grew to become into the positive section I really liked and enjoyed how that panned out because it is very unique and brings a new style of typing/writing to the book writing club! That being said like I pointed out in the above paragraph, I feel like the beginning part was dragging on for a bit too long and how the chapters were shaped in my opinion wasn’t helping that.

To end off this book review, I think it is an amazing book and I believe it will become a well-known and famous book in the future. If you could keep me updated with when you are publishing a lot of them and selling them to the public I am going to get my school to get it into our library so that it can be shared around more and more and hopefully lots and lots of people can read it! As an added bonus I noticed that you listed us in the thankyou page and for me, that really means a lot and I cant appreciate what you have done more. This was such a wonderful opportunity to read and give my opinion on your book and I will share its name around my school as much as possible.

Thankyou SOOOOOOOOO much!

Hugo, New York City, United States of America

[A note from Diane: Thank YOU so much, Hugo! I’m really thrilled that you liked the book so much. And, I did take on your point about the beginning of the book lagging a bit, so I’ve moved the chapters about Skye’s coma to further into the story (a bit after Chapter Zero). I’ll get a new copy of the book to you, and you can see how you INFLUENCED the makeup of the story. Good luck with your coding. I hope it goes really well for you!]