SIGN UP for The Time Pirate’s Grave

I’m writing some books. You can buy each one as a single edition (called a book set) or you can buy the set as two smaller books. You can buy The Time Pirate’s Grave here.

The Marescimar Series includes:

1. The Time Pirate’s Grave (formerly called The Time Virus)

Book Set One of the Marescimar Series

  • The Time Before (Book One of the I AM TIME PIRATE Set)
  • Islands of Time (Book One of the I AM TIME PIRATE Set)

2. The Time Wizard

Book Set Two of the Marescimar Series

  • Marescimar (Book One of The Time Wizard Set)
  • The Time Trick (Book Two of The Time Wizard Set)

3. The Kindness Wizard

Book Set Three of the Marescimar Series

  • TBC (Book One of the Kindness Wizard Set)
  • TBC (Book One of the Kindness Wizard Set)

4. The Ice Witch

Book Set Four of the Marescimar Series

  • TBC (Book One of the Ice Witch Set)
  • TBC (Book One of the Ice Witch Set)

The Super Injunction

Blizzard and Stella have written a companion piece to the Marescimar Series.

It’s called The Super Injunction.

The book was written because Stella and Blizzard are concerned that children should NEVER remain silent about abuse.

Almost ALL abusers THREATEN their victims with some sort of penalty if they aren’t QUIET about the abuse. They often tell their victims, ‘say nothing’ or  ‘don’t tell anyone’ or ‘be silent’. OR ELSE! This is called a ‘directive’ or an injunction.

And sometimes abusers say to their victims, ‘Don’t you dare tell anyone that I told you NOT to tell anyone.’ If this happens in a Court of Law, it’s called a super injunction. But, in real life … it’s still a super injunction!

Blizzard and Stella are worried that children know NOT TO EVER STAY QUIET ABOUT ABUSE!

Sometimes SUPER INJUNCTIONS are taken out during court cases and there are penalties if you break a super injunction. Nevertheless, a legal super injunction has NOTHING on real life SUPER INJUNCTIONS. Real life super injunctions have TERRIFIED victims since the beginning of time.

Just think about it … being able to have the power to frighten people (especially children) into silence. How sinister is that?

Blizzard and Stella want children NEVER TO BE afraid of USING THEIR VOICES to speak up about these things.

Stella and Blizzard want to use their voices to tell stories that will help to heal the broken-hearted, and  stop the terror of real super injunctions from harming children (or adults with sad inner children).


The Time Virus was launched in 2016 but it’s now become I AM TIME PIRATE!


The Time Virus went onto Amazon and once it’s there it cannot be undone, but I have revised the book and it’s a much more cohesive story now … so I wanted the first book to have a new name. At first it became The Time Plague, but now it’s .. I AM TIME PIRATE.

Also, there’s a sequel which is well underway. Let me know if you’d like to read an early version.

I’ve also asked Lily Coulombe, the brilliant illustrator for the series, to create a new cover. The reason for this is that the main character has an ancestry that is revealed as the story goes on, but that also warrants being part of the first book’s cover.

I hope you enjoy the revised version of I AM TIME PIRATE, and watch this space for announcements about the sequel which is called The Time Wizard!

You can buy I AM TIME PIRATE here.