The Time Virus

The Time Virus trilogy will be launched at the Baha’i Centre on 11.11.2017 at 11am!

The trilogy is SKYE MUST DIE, The Future Phoenix and Islands of Time.

If you already have The Time Virus, please don’t worry. I’ve simply broken The Time Virus into three sections to make it more manageable.

I am hoping that some musicians will be able to come and sing the Masters Apprentices masterpiece ‘It’s because I love you’.

I’m hoping to have some brilliant children to speak about the trilogy.

And, I’m hoping to see you too.

Below are some memories of the launch of the original The Time Virus

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2016 launch. It was so much fun

I was  honoured to have Alison and Dewayne to welcome the book to the land, the sea, the sky … and beyond. Thanks to Dewayne and Brian as well for the wonderful rendition of ‘It’s like love’.

The brave reviewers were wonderful: Madeleine, Miles, Emily and Hugo. I am so excited that you LOVE the book! Thanks also to Michael for helping me so much with the editing. And, thanks to the students and teachers who came from Campbell Street Primary and Glenorchy Primary School.



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