The Time Pirate

I’m writing some books. You can buy each one as a single edition (called a book set) or you can buy the set as two smaller books. You can buy the first one, The Time Pirate, here (although it’s still called The Time Plague just now.)

The Marescimar Series includes:

1. The Time Pirate (formerly called The Time Plague and The Time Virus)

Book Set One of the Marescimar Series

  • The Time Before (Book One of The Time Pirate Set)
  • Islands of Time (Book One of The Time Pirate Set)

2. The Time Wizard

Book Set Two of the Marescimar Series

  • Marescimar (Book One of The Time Wizard Set)
  • The Time Trick (Book Two of The Time Wizard Set)

3. The Ice Witch

Book Set Three of the Marescimar Series

  • TBC (Book One of the Ice Witch Set)
  • TBC (Book One of the Ice Witch Set)

4. The Kindness Wizard

Book Set Four of the Marescimar Series

  • TBC (Book One of the Ice Witch Set)
  • TBC (Book One of the Ice Witch Set)

The Super Injunction

I may release a companion piece to the Marescimar Series.

The Super Injunction will be a largely blank book, although there will be a few words about about the hypocrisy of anyone who tries to stop an abused child from “telling anyone” … warning them to “say nothing”, to “be silent” … to “keep their mouths shut”.

It will be about the fury so many of us have about the evil of people like the Theeves (characters in the series), and about every single one of those institutions and individuals who’ve STOLEN THE INNOCENCE OF YOUNG CHILDREN, who’ve ROBBED THEM OF PEACE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES, and who’ve warned them that IF THEY SPEAK UP, they’ll be punished.

The book will be largely blank because … what can be said?

Our mouths are better used for telling stories that will help to heal the broken-hearted.



The Time Virus was launched in 2016 but it’s now become The Time Pirate!


The Time Virus went onto Amazon and once it’s there it cannot be undone, but I have revised the book and it’s a much more cohesive story now … so I wanted the first book to have a new name. At first it became The Time Plague, but now it’s … The Time Pirate.

Also, there’s a sequel which is well underway. Let me know if you’d like to read an early version.

I’ve also asked Lily Coulombe, the brilliant illustrator for the series, to create a new cover. The reason for this is that the main character has an ancestry that is revealed as the story goes on, but that also warrants being part of the first book’s cover.

I hope you enjoy the revised version of The Time Pirate, and watch this space for announcements about the sequel which is called The Time Wizard!